It is one of many types of E-marketing strategies that use the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to customers. Online advertising gives advertisers the ability to target the ideal prospects and to become a more effective marketer. It provides the opportunity to be highly engaging with video and other rich media. It is used to drive traffic to your site and build brand awareness.

Purpose of E-advertising: The main purpose of using e-advertising is to publish immediate information that is not limited by geographical or time constraints.

Benefits of E-advertising:

Less Expensive: It provides a low cost for advertisers when compared with the traditional advertising goals.

Wider geographical reach: E-advertising can reach nearly every global market, which helps your online campaigns reach more audiences.

No rigorous payment: In traditional advertising you have to pay the full amount of money to the advertising agency but in online advertising you have to pay only for the qualified click, leads or impressions.

Easy result measurement: In this lot of analytics tools in order to measure online advertising results, which helps to take decision in your online campaigns. More targeted audience: It helps you to easily reach the targeted audience, which leads to your campaign’s success.

Types of E-advertising:

Banner Advertising: It is also called display advertising because of the visual nature of banner ads. It is a promoting tool which aids in increasing traffic flow to your website. It includes many different formats and contains items such as text, logo animations, audios and images etc. These immediately catch users attention and when user clicks on these ads, they are directed to the web page of advertising company. The main purpose of this advertising is to generate leads, sales. It can be static or animated. Static banner ads are graphics with no animation. Animated banner ads contain moving elements.

Pop up data : Advertising can be in the form of called pop-up which is displayed in a new browser when the user moves from one web page to another. It is usually employed by websites trying to push ad content to the forefront of a visitor’s attention. A pop-up ad resembles a small browser window with only the close, minimize and maximize options at the top. A pop- up window must be smaller than the background window or interface.

Sponsored Link: A sponsored link advertising also called pay per click is a link that appears on publisher advertising a third party site and that directs an internet user to that advertiser site when the ad is clicked. It includes advertising copy and the advertiser’s website address. A user click the ad is connected to the website. It bid on specific keywords in order to have their ads appear and it can also be referred as keyword advertising.

Email ads: Email marketing is the process of using electronic mail as the marketing communication delivery method to expand brand awareness and interest. Many businesses have replaced their direct mail marketing strategies with email marketing strategies. It is less expensive and easier to track than direct mail marketing campaigns. It includes rich media formats that provides images and give texture and flavor to product or services.

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